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ZXYWW Mini Drone RC Quadcopter, Drones for Kids and Beginners Easy to Fly, Headless Mode and Extra Batteries Toys for Boys and Girls

Price: $54.72

(as of Mar 17,2020 23:35:54 UTC – Details)

Product Name: Quadcopter
Product packaging: color box
Product size: 17X65X17 cm
Packing size: 37X7X27.5CM
Product color: black and yellow
remote control:
Watch type remote control & water drop remote control
Battery type: 3.4v500 mAh lithium battery
Remote battery: built-in rechargeable battery
Life time: 6 minutes
Flying height: less than 120m
Charging time: about 60 minutes
Flight distance: below 50m

Gesture control
Hand throwing off
Night light
Unmanned mode
Infrared obstacle avoidance
360 degree flip
Air pressure constant
Replaceable battery
One-click landing
Remote control>>Hand throwing induction mode: After the drone is placed on the ground to start the drone, pick up the parallel throwing, the drone will hover, in the air, no remote control, inductive flight, water droplets can be used Remote control landing
>>Pneumatic constant height +90% stability: Built-in barometer, quasi-determined height, intelligent suspension, using advanced air pressure principle, combined with six-axis gyroscope chip to achieve automatic height stability
>>360 degree roll function: short press the remote control finger button during flight, use the remote control to achieve the corresponding direction of rollover to meet the diverse needs of the players, can be up and down, left and right, front and rear multi-directional roll
>>360° infrared obstacle avoidance mode: automatically avoid obstacles, avoid obstacles in all directions, encounter obstacles in U-turn or lift the flight position, quickly press the three-finger button to immediately open the infrared obstacle avoidance mode.
>>Drip button: When the drone is in the hand throwing induction flight mode, short press the water droplet remote control. The key landed, and the drone slowly landed on the ground to stop flying.

Price: $54.72

(as of Mar 17,2020 23:35:54 UTC – Details)

Headless Mode – Easy to Fly Gift Toy for Boys and Girls