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TX Juice Ai Stunt Drone – Quadcopter with Patented AI for Auto take off, Auto Hover and One Thumb Control

Price: $39.95

(as of Mar 17,2020 14:19:57 UTC – Details)

Patented AI (Artificial Intelligence) system makes the AI Stunt Drone the easiest to fly stunt drone available. Press the Auto Stunt button and see the drone revolve through 360 degrees, rise and perform a perfect flip! As with all TX Juice products, Stunt Drone has a Juice Button. With AI Stunt Drone this button activates Auto take off and hover feature. This allows you to practice directional flight with the right hand joystick without worrying about maintaining height with the left joystick. Using both joysticks when you are a first time flyer is frequently compared with trying to pat your head while rubbing your stomach it leads to countless crashes! Recommended Age: 8 Years and UpONE PRESS JUICE BUTTON – Activates Auto take off, Auto Hover and Auto Land
ONE THUMB CONTROL SYSTEM – For the easiest flying!
AUTO STUNT BUTTON – One press Auto Stunt button
MANUAL STUNT BUTTONS – For left and right mid-air flips
2.4Ghz RADIO CONTROL – Fly indoors or up to 250ft outdoors
FAA registration not required

TX Juice
Price: $39.95

(as of Mar 17,2020 14:19:57 UTC – Details)

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