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Tangram Simple Puzzle Game

Tangram Puzzles is a fun game where you must place all the shapes on the board in their correct spot. The board is a square shape and the puzzle pieces are all different geometric shapes that go in only one spot of the board. Can you find the correct spot for all the shapes?

The Rules of Tangram Puzzle Master game are simple:

● Form a given shape without overlapping the pieces!
● Aim to fit all tangram bricks into the frame!
● Tangram bricks can`t be rotated!
● Tap on bricks to remove them from thу field!

Tangram Puzzle Master Features:

● Thousands of unique tangram style levels!
● Worldwide Highscores – You can compare your results with other players!
● No time pressure or any rush – take your time & think enough to complete the best brick puzzle challenge ever!
● Easy to play – for all ages!

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By Puzzle Mania Studio

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