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Robot Flying Bike: Motorbike Stunt Pilot

Futuristic Bike Transformed into Iron Robot Bike War Machine
Download the amazing Futuristic Robot Transformer Bike. In this crazy game you will be flying actually with a robots bike like airplane flight simulator. Oh MY GOD!

The Robo Bike Stunt fly in the sky of New York City! It feels good!
Do you like transforming robots games? Or may be flying Robo bike simulator? Then this game is best for you, Get your normal bike and transform into real steel flying robot bike and fly like an airplane in the sky of New York City, Make war with online enemy robots, fight with them and destroy all of these flying robots mec machine and save the humanity and be the hero of the New York City.
The gameplay of the robot game is pretty simple, you will fight against other flying robot car which is transforming into robot man and you have to battle them and finish them to get access to next mec level. You can fire missiles and ultimate machine fire shots. It’s first fly mec robot bike battle game ever.

Game gives a chance to drive the robots bike stunt in three modes. You can fly a helicopter or plane or drive moto bike on the road. Game is simple you have to drive the futuristic bike and avoid collisions with war machine, buildings, street signs and reach the flight pilot spot as early as you can. So charge your driving muscles, get ready for drives full of stunts and drifts and prove yourself the best driver of the New York city.

Real life stunt Bike Transforming in to robot for flight capability
Detailed city world environment
Realistic, Fun driving and flying controls
HD graphics and excellent art
Reality is added by developers to make game more interesting and fun to play
Gives a chance to give a real shape to your dreams by flying the robot bike in air
You can make your robot bike an airplane or a helicopter
Lots of physics added to give a real feel while playing

Time to extreme fun and fly high above the war cities.

By Creative Titans inc.

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