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PowerStar- 2 Pack -9AH Replacement for APC Back-UPS XS1500 XS 1500 12V 7Ah Battery

Only $55.50

Advanced AGM Technolgy, 100% OEM Compatible, Completely Sealed Maintence Free, Long Cycle Life
Perfect for E-bikes, Scooters, Alarm Systems, Garage Door, UPS Systems and much more.
Replaces these and many more. CSB GP1272,CSB EVX1272,Panasonic LC-R127R2P,Portalac PE12V7,Portalac PX12072,Powersonic PS-1270,Universal UB1270,Universal UB1280,Yuasa NP7-12,Universal UB1290F2,CSB GPL1272F2FR,CSB HR1234WF2,Portalac PE12V9,Portalac PX12090
“If it’s not PowerStar, it’s just a battery”


2 Batteries