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Power Bank 26800mah Portable Charger with Dual Output and Dual Input,Battery Backup Portable Phone Charger with LCD Screen,Compact External Battery Pack for iPhone,Samsung Galaxy,ipad and More.

Price: $29.99

(as of Mar 17,2020 09:34:42 UTC – Details)

High Capacity Portable charger battery pack with dual input and dual output
The High Capacity is suitable for out-going activities,like business trip,hiking,camping and so on.
it is also a good gift for the ones you care,keep their phones on,keep them in touch with you anytime.

(1)Dual inputs and Dual outputs
1.High Speed Charging USB Port
There are 2 USB Ports output which can charge 2 devices at the same time and convenient to share with friends.
It takes about 12 hours to FULL charge it ,a true long lasting power source.
REMARKS: It is better to use a 5V/2.1a adapter instead of a 5V/1A one, or the adapter may get HOT easily.
You will sure enjoy the High Speed when you connect your device to the 5V 2.1A port (The one with 2 Flash mark).

(2)Intelligent Visible LCD Digital Screen:

The digital screen will show you the exactly percetage of remaining juice instead of blinking light.
it is more convenient than the dot display,because you can read the percentage of the battery from 1% to 100% via it.

(3)Multiple intelligent protection programs and safer Li-polymer batteries:
When the devices disconnected from it, it will automatically shut down itself in 42 seconds, the build-in
protection program can also avoid short circuit and overcharge to your devices; meanwhile,the Li-polymer battery Cell,
together with the overheat protection program, allowing users to use it safely.

(4)Packing List:

Power bank 26800mAh X 1pc

USB Micro Cord X 1pc

Manual X 1pc

After-Sales Service Card X 1pc【A must have on the go】:Heavy-duty Portable charger, 26800mAh Capacity is perfect for Business trip,Camping,Hiking,Vacation,no need to worry about lost contact with anyone due to the low power of phones.The weight of this power bank portable charger is 14.4ounces.It’s a little bit heavy only because the weight match the true capacity,it worth the weight indeed.
【Power Bank with Dual input and Dual output】:There are 2 USB Ports output which can be shared with friends or charge 2 devices at the same time.There are 2 input options,USB Micro and USB C input options.
【Charging Bank with LCD screen】:The big front LCD screen will be more convenient to know the exactly percentage of remaining juice of the power battery instead of a blinking light. So that you will know exactly when to recharge it.
【Lithium Polymer Safety and Durable Battery Cell】:The Lithium Polymer Cell is more safe than other battery cell,no memory,long lasting and sturdy. No more facing to the wall or being tied by the wall socket when chilling at home.
【Airline Approved Portable charger】:The rated capacity of this portable charger is 26800mAh/99.16Wh,it is under 100Wh which means you are free to take it on board in the airport,but in Carry-on luggage only.Meanwhile,the handheld size design is more convenient to hold in hand when you are using and charging your phone with it.Suitable for pocket and handbag.

Price: $29.99

(as of Mar 17,2020 09:34:42 UTC – Details)

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