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Isottcom Rubber Band Gun – Toy Gun Desert Eagle – Boys Toys for Outdoor Indoor Game – Wooden Toy Guns – Best Present for Men – Wooden Pistol for Shooting Game – Kids Toys for Pretend Play

Only $29.98

Take your time and our steep rubber band wooden toy gun to get your family and friends together! Our Rubber Band Gun Desert Eagle is modeled to copy famous USA pistol gun Desert Eagle, one of the largest fire guns. These semi-auto 10 shot pistols can become great Boys Toys, toys for kids, pistol for kids, wooden toy for adults, wooden pistol, pretend play toy for outdoor indoor games. The Wooden Toy Gun for Adults can be successfully and safely used by kids above 6 years, teaching them to be concentrated, to play in the team, to be responsible on their actions, to take control over their emotions. Besides this can be the Best Gift for Men, husband, daddy, brother. The Wooden Pistol for Shooting game is a fantastic reason to take your kids away from gadgets, take them closer to nature, run around with friends or parents, thus taking them on fresh air and having cardio in a playful manner. Kids Toys for pretend Play are made of eco-friendly material, ready to play. There are some points to enjoy about Toy Gun Desert Eagle by iSottcom:

  • Eco-Friendly material – Wooden Toys
  • Ergonomic for all ages
  • Semi automatic
  • Fires 10 rubber bands
  • Safe and Durable
  • High quality
  • Easy to load
  • Around 50 bands in a set
  • Is a blast to shoot
  • Safe if used proper way
  • Great cocking mechanism
  • Perfect gift for kids, as well as grown men!
  • Good reason to take your kids away from gudgets
  • Wow effect of everybody using it!
  • Precaution Specifications: Style: Semi Auto 10 rubber bands Gun Package: 1 rubber band pistol, 0,7 oz rubber bands (around 100 pcs) Pack Weight: 281 gram/ 0,62 lb Gun Dimension: 10,65*5,31*1,25 INCH Shooting distance: up to 30 ft Material: wood

    FAMILY FUN – Rubber Band Gun is the great way to spend leasure time together with family and kids. These Toys for kids can take your kids away from gudgets out to open air.
    DEVELOPING TOY – Boys Toys for Outdoor Indoor Games develop attention, coordination, team building skills.
    ERGONOMIC AND ORIGINAL – Wooden Toy Guns for Adults are handmade of wood, No cheap plastic parts to break. Wooden Pistols for shooting Game fit adult hand as well as kid’s, starting 3. Best gift for men, boys, girls also.
    PARTY MAKER – Kids Toys for pretend play definitely make emotions and stress relief while shooting, especially for the first time.
    NON RISK DEAL – take your family out and spend time together, playing with our wooden toy gun Desert Eagle and leave your stress behind! We guarantee satisfaction, 2 years warranty or refund. Be sure you found a Best Gift! Buy your Rubber Band Gun now!


    Gift for Boys Adults