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HUBSAN HubsanH501A X4 Air Pro BRUSHLEES WiFi Quadcopter Drone 1080P HD Camera GPS Live Video RTF

Only $119.00

Product Description



Model: H501A

Pixel parameter: 1080P

System: GPS

Control: Wifi or 2.4GHz

Battery: 7.4V, 2700mah

Flight time: about 20 minutes (condition without wind)

Charging time: 210 minutes

Built-in LED: Yes

Remote control wifi: 100 meters (Without Relay HT005 and Remote Control HT011A)

Distance from the video: 100 meters (Without HT005 Relay and Remote HT011A)

Max flight speed: 10m / s

Maximum descent or climb speed: 5m / s

One-key take-off / return FPV real-time transmission
Waypoint Flight into Orbit
Hover GPS Altitude Hold
Headless mode Protection if low battery
Intelligent Tracking Protection out of control
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H501A alone: ​​controlled by your phone, Wifi connection, 100m control distance.

With HT005 relay: controlled by your phone, Wifi connection, control distance 400m.With HT009 remote control: controlled by your phone and remote control, Bluetooth connection, remote control 70-100m.
With HT011A remote control: controlled by your phone and remote control, Wifi or 2.4Ghz connection (two means), 400m control distance.
With H906A or H901A remote control: controlled by remote control, 2.4Ghz connection, 400m control distance.

Warning :

In any situation, make sure the GPS is over 6, otherwise the drone will lose contact with the remote and your phone, out of control.
The engines do not work. Please check if the propellers are very tight, the engines are stuck, release the propeller a little. Please check if the compass calibration is complete, otherwise the engines will not run.
Unable to receive the video or receive the wrong video, Please check your WIFI signal and make sure there is no wifi interference or change the 5.8GHZ frequency of the remote according to the configuration of your drone.
We suggest you use the SD card 1 ~ 32GB, if it is 64GB or more, it is impossible to distinguish.


H501A + HT005 Relay

HT005 is a relay for mobile phone, it can increase the control distance and transmission up to 400m.

Package Content:

1 X H501A Drone1 X HT005 Relay1 X 7.4V 2700mAh LiPo battery1 X USB cable1 X AC Adapter1 X Scale charger8 X propeller1 X H501A Instruction Manual


H501A + HT011A remote control

HT011A is a remote control with built-in relay, control distance and transmission is 400m using this remote control.

Package Content:

1 X H501A Drone1 X HT011A Remote Control1 X 7.4V 2700mAh LiPo battery1 X USB cable1 X AC Adapter1 X Scale charger8 X propeller1 X H501A Instruction Manual


H501A + H901A remote control

You can control H501A using H901A, You need to buy this remote alone.


H501A + H906A remote control

You can control H501A using H906A, You need to buy this remote alone.



Intelligent Control APP
After takeoff, just click on where you want to go, you can arrive directly;
Set waypoints on the GPS map to facilitate photography;
Easy control, so you have more energy to enjoy the scenery along the flight;
Smooth flight, makes your aerial photography work more professional.
Smart Tracking


Smart Tracking

Positioning GPS system and integrated navigation in the transmitter, no matter where you are, the drone can photograph you in tracking and record your every moment.

Tracking height 3m ~ 8m
Tracking distance 5m ~ 8m
Height and distance adjustable









Takeoff / Auto Return

The takeoff and the return of the drone ends with just one touch. The intelligent system will perform this action with regard to your order.

The drone will stay in hover and wait for your instructions after it has climbed to 3m.

If the drone exceeds the control range or the battery is low, the drone will return to the starting point automatically.

Headless mode

Whether you are beginner or expert, you can fly the drone easily.
The headless mode does not distinguish the head and the tail, makes the flight more free;

Expert mode
Expert mode allows a better sensitivity of operation.

Normal Mode: 60% Sensitivity (except throttle)
Expert Mode: 100% Sensitivity (except throttle)

Flight into orbit

You can take your phone / watch / remote control as the center point, the drone flies around your phone / watch / remote control. At the same time, you can define a place as the center point on the map, the drone flies around it (Altitude, Speed, Adjustable Distance)

1080P Camera

See the HD world from another point of view with 1920x1080P HD image quality.

Whether it’s sunny, cloudy, at night, the camera helps you capture brilliant and gorgeous images.

FPV in real time
1080P HD picture and real-time transmission, you can adjust the flight postures to capture each wonderful.


frequently asked Questions

1. The pairing between the transmitter and the drone is not successful.
1) Check whether the transmitter and the drone are all powered up or not.
2) Re-pair the drone and the chosen device.

2. Unable to unlock the engines.
①Make sure the drone calibration has finished.
②Make sure the Home switch is down / off.
③Check that the joystick channels on the LCD monitor are correctly centered (if not, use the transmitter’s adjustment knobs to adjust)
④If you are flying indoors, please set the “Fly With No GPS” option in the default main menu “No” to “Yes”.

3. Can not search for GPS signals.
Make sure the drone is not inside or between buildings. Please take the drone outside to receive GPS signals / satellites.

4. No video on the screen or the user is experiencing strong video stream interference.
①Check if there are strong sources of wireless interference (eg WIFI, electricity, radio frequencies, etc.). If there are any, please change your flight position.
②Release the drone to the transmitter because the 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz frequencies can interfere with each other.

5. The drone flies erratically in Hold Altitude mode
①Check if the reading of the air pressure sensor (Altitude telemetry value) is abnormal when the drone is stationary on flat ground. It should read 0 and fluctuate very little.
②Check whether the throttle channel is moving correctly in center. If not, calibrate the sticks of the transmitter and adjust the channel with the corresponding trim button (located on the transmitter).

6. Waypoint mode does not work.
①Check that GPS satellites are 6 or more
②Check that the GPS switch is up (enabled) and the Return to Home switch is down (disabled).
③Check that all channels of the joystick on the screen are correctly centered.

7. The tracking function does not work.
①Check that the drone is in GPS mode (Tracking mode will not work without it)
②Check that the GPS satellites are 6 or more (Otherwise tracking mode will not work)
③Make sure that the channels of all joysticks are correctly centered and that the joysticks are not moved when the Follow Me mode is engaged or in the process of being engaged. (The drone will automatically exit the Follow Me mode if a joystick, except the throttle, is moved or not centered)

8. The drone does not return to the starting point.
When the drone takes off, make sure the drone has received 6 or more satellites.

9. The drone continues to lose GPS satellites or the GPS satellites fall to 0 erratically.
Check for high frequency signal interference sources around drones (such as power lines, signal towers, etc.).

10. The drone or video vibrates during the flight.
①Check if the propellers are damaged or not. Damaged propellers must be replaced in time.
②Check that all the screws of the drone body are in place.
③Check if the motor shafts are broken. Engines must be replaced if the trees are broken.

Hubsan X4 H501A automatically fly with X-Hubsan APP.
1080P HD Camera: The built in HD camera are tuned amazingly to capture stunning pictures and video from the sky.
GPS System: Hubsan H501A has integrated GPS system, enabling advanced autonomous features, such as follow me and automatic return and waypoints missions.
Return to Home and Failsafe: In failsafe mode, the flight control system will automatically control the quadcopter and bring it back to the Return To Home point and land.
Functional Waypoints: Choose several points that you want the drone to reach by tapping on the screen and plan the flihgt path to get smooth shots effortlessly.


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