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EIATBF BixMe Hand Operated Flying Mini UFO Drone ,Hands Free Helicopter ,Hand Controlled Mini Quadcopter for Kids Boys and Girls Interactive Flying Ball Toy Party Present with LED Lights(Red)

Price: $9.95

(as of Feb 03,2020 13:05:47 UTC – Details)


Great for a first time drone pilot, it’s a super easy and fun gadget to get you started. Just use your hands and nothing more; doesn’t require any remote control to steer the drone; is interactive and includes advanced LED infrared sensor hover technology; has a built-in gyroscope to control accuracy. 


The outer cover is made with ABS material which is safe for children to play with. The propellers are hidden inside the dome so they cannot hurt your nor your children’s hands and fingers and/or damage the flying mechanism of the drone.

1.Press and hold the small black switch located on the bottom of the drone for 2 seconds until the lights begin to flash. When they stop flashing you can press the switch again to choose a green or blue colored light.
2.Holding it horizontally, gently toss it up in the air and watch it take off.
3.The drone will spin and hover in place until it encounters any obstacle or is controlled by you That’s when it’s ready for you to play with, now start controlling its direction and height with hand gestures.
4.To make it move raise your hand next to it and make an outward movement, it will fly the opposite direction. If it meets any obstacles on its way it will automatically bypass them.
5.To raise the drone higher place your hand under it and it will automatically ascend. Make sure it doesn’t fly away into space though!
6.To land the drone carefully catch it by placing it between both hands and quickly turn it upside down. But beware the power is still on, so if you toss it, it will fly again. To completely turn it off, press and hold the small black switch on the bottom of the drone for 2 seconds.
Futuristic Interactive Flying Toy: This gesture controlled drone uses the latest infrared sensor technology, flying anywhere you want it to, detecting obstacles on its way and making it super fun and easy to play with without any remote controls.
Mission Possible: You are the pilot and your mission is to safely reach the destination point. When ready just toss it in the air and watch it take off , but don’t let it get away, control it with your hands by placing them near the drone and see how it flies in the opposite direction. For a safe landing gently catch with both hands and turn upside down. Mission complete!
Have a Safe Flight: The propellers are enclosed in a shell made of flexible and super light ABS material, making it kids and crash friendly, meaning they cannot harm hands, face and other parts of the body. Has a cool UFO design, 3 colorful flashing led lights and is a great interactive indoor activity.
”Refuel, Park and Transport” Anywhere: No need to buy batteries as it’s charged from a USB port; lightweight and small in size so that it’s easy to store and take with you; great for any room and enclosed space. Needs about 30 minutes to charge and flies during 8-10 minutes.
Gift for Any “Pilot”: Suitable for all ages, kids and teens will absolutely love playing with this awesome interactive drone, especially fun with a group of people, perfect for any occasion such as birthdays, parties, holidays and makes an unusual gift.

Price: $9.95

(as of Feb 03,2020 13:05:47 UTC – Details)

UFO Toy For Boys and Girls