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Carviya 2 Pack 12V 24V Heavy Duty 16AWG 0.5M 0.5 Meter 15A 20A Male Plug Cigarette Lighter Adapter Power Supply Cable For Car inverter,Air pump,electric cup (1.64ft)(2 Pcs)

Only $9.99

12V inverter, if the actual power under 240W of the electrical equipment, this item can be used; 24V inverter, if the actual power under 480W of the electrical equipment, this item can also used.
The 500W or 1000W power of the inverter is nominal power.

Please Note
The fuse of this product is 15A (Max is 20A, Because the car cigarette lighter socket current is generally 20A, if more than the fuse inside the car will be dangerous. Recommended within 20A.) , the current inside the car must below the fuse current of this product.
If the power and current of electrical equipment is larger. This product will get to hot. And the spring inside will get to hot. If the current is more larger, then the fuse will burnout to have protective effects.
So Please correct to use this product. This product is high quality, please be assured to use it.

Default 15A fuse, and come with extra free 20A fuse to spare.

The size of the hole in the ring terminal: 0.25 inch / 1/4″
Wire Length: 1.64FT
Wire Size: 16AWG

Pakcage Included:
2 X Carviya cigarette lighter plug power supply
2 X Extra 20A fuse

16 AWG Heavy Duty Red & Black Copper Wire, Plug Shell Made by the Bakelite Material (phenolic plastic), Spring is Copper Material. Hardness, High Resistance, Arc Resistance, Heat Resistance. Phenolic Plastic is the ideal high-temperature electrical materials, the quality is far superior to plastic material.
With green LED indicator light (about 2ma current almost no electricity); Built-in 15A glass fuse, and come with an extra 20A glass fuse to spare.
This is a standard parts, apply to almost all models of cigarette lighter socket. Also can use other appliances with terminal. Line nose aperture is 6.3 mm.
RVB 2 X 1.5 square red and black cable, red cord is positive, black cord is negative.
Cigarette lighter plug already soldered with electric iron, plug and play. After cold nose pliers pressure line and then solder and welded, robust and reliable, and never fall off.


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