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Big Lake Massacre

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The opening of Big Lake’s new medical marijuana dispensary caused quite a stir in the little mountain town, drawing debates before the Town Council and protesters to the site even as the building was being remodeled. With the doors now open and business flourishing, a crew of diehard protesters led by a big man who is used to getting his way continues to picket the business, harassing both employees and customers.

But nobody expected the carnage that would happen on a rainy night when a call at home informs Sheriff Jim Weber of a robbery gone wrong at the dispensary that leaves five people dead. As the sheriff and his deputies, assisted by a team of experienced investigators from the state police, try to get to the bottom of the terrible crime, they quickly learn that what seems obvious may not be what it appears. Secrets and betrayal are exposed as they peel away the layers of the case and learn that what happened at the dispensary was even more evil than anyone thought possible.

One reviewer has referred to the Big Lake mystery series as “Mayberry Meets Twin Peaks.” It’s a combination of humor and intrigue that launched author Nick Russell’s first Big Lake book into Amazon’s Top 100 Paid Kindle books for over 78 days, and Big Lake Massacre, the eighteenth book in this popular series, is sure to be a hit, too!