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4pcs 16mm Tube CNC Aluminum Folding Arm Bracket DIY Quadcopter Multirotor Drone

Price: $65.95

(as of Feb 14,2020 13:40:39 UTC – Details)

The Z16 V3 bracket is an example of fine CNC with aluminum, stainless steel and brass components. All aluminum components in the bracket are anodized black.

Each bracket is machined to tight tolerances with no jiggle or looseness. A simple pull of the red lever allows folding of the mounted tube or arm into the lower position. An included thumbscrew provides further security in the lower or upper arm positions.

A 16mm diameter tube is required, center-hole mounting through the Z16 bracket is optional. Clamping force of mount is sufficient in most cases.

A 5-degree upward tilt provides additional stability. This also improves the finished drone’s ability to carry additional weight or payload.

Brand Name: USAQ
Model: Z16
Recommended Usage: 500-1200mm Quadcopter Drone Frame

Weight(Each): 40g
Dimensions(open): 70x40x28mm
Dimensions(closed): 52x40x46mm

Package Contents:
4 Sets Z16 Folding BracketsTight tolerances and extremely strong
CNC aluminum construction
Beautiful-like pictured

Price: $65.95

(as of Feb 14,2020 13:40:39 UTC – Details)

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